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Company Paramedic

Reduce your medical claims exposure.

Your associates call one number when ill.

Company Paramedic supports 24/7 nurse and physician employee health call centers.  When the doctor or nurse needs vital signs and medical expertise on site, the call center dispatches the Company Paramedic mobile unit serving the workplace area.  Call center triage and the Company Paramedic allows for on-site evaluation to determine whether the associate can remain at work, go home, visit their primary care physician, or be sent to a local urgent care center or hospital emergency room.


The Company Paramedic responds when needed.

If your organization or company has numerous locations in the same market, Company Paramedic is the ideal solution.  Extend the reach of your on-site or shared-site employer clinic.  It's an inexpensive way to maximize the investment your company has made in caring for its associates when they become ill.

Preventive health assessments moves care "upstream".

Company Paramedic performs on-site health and wellbeing screens.  Identify health issues in advance.  The Company Paramedic will educate your associates regarding how best to use the company health benefits program while remaining within the established care network.  Moving "upstream" reduces the likelihood of unexpected and costly ER visits and hospitalizations.

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