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Value-Based Complex Care Management

Reduce costly and unnecessary ER visits and hospitalizations for your complex care patients.


Paramedics extend your medical care into the home.

When you refer your patient living with CHF, COPD, CKD, or other complex condition, the paramedic performs a complete clinical and home environment evaluation.  Initial and weekly home visit and care plan progress reports enable you to stay on top of any concerning patient condition changes.  Self-care education reinforces what you are teaching the patient during visits to your office.  Consult with your patient face-to-face via telehealth during any paramedic home visit.

Your patients experience enhanced quality care. 

Avoid care gaps that occur between the periodic visits that patients make to your office.  Patients appreciate the continuation of care they receive from their physician through on-going home paramedic visits.  Patients consistently rate their Care-A-Medix experience and satisfaction with Net Promoter Scores (NPS) between 90 and 100.  


Total medical cost of care decreases for your patients.

Reduced unnecessary use of the emergency department and hospital contributes to reduced total cost of care for your patients.  Here are two Care-A-Medix client examples:

Hospital CHF Clinic

  • Time period: Calendar year 2018
  • 21 total referrals to the Care-A-Medix program
  • 15 known readmissions avoided
  • Approximate cost of each readmission: $10,000
  • Hospital calculated cost of avoidance: $150,000
  • Data source: Hospital SBAR report

Medical group with Medicare Advantage plan members

  • Time period: Calendar Year 2021
  • ER visits before Care-A-Medix: 110     After Care-A-Medix: 74
  • Hospital admissions before Care-A-Medix: 83     After Care-A-Medix: 62
  • Total medical cost before Care-A-Medix: $559,952     After Care-A-Medix: $270,426
  • Medical cost PMPM before Care-A-Medix: $2,029     After Care-A-Medix: $1,224
  • Risk Adjustment Factor before Care-A-Medix: 2.382     After Care-A-Medix: 3.027
  • Data source: medical group claims system

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